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Seven good reasons
to join us

STEF have 4’000 jobs every year, this is 4’000 opportunities to learn, grow and thrive. For us, the most important thing is you. We will fill you in on the detail why we think it is so great to work for us!

Our profession? We store, pack and transport the products people eat every day. This means that thanks to us, several million people in Europe can eat

can eat knowing their food is high quality and all health assurances are in place.
That’s something to be proud of, isn’t it?

At STEF, you don’t necessarily need experience. Or specific qualifications. What counts most is your enthusiasm, your attentiveness and your kindness towards others. We’ll teach you the rest! And because inclusion and diversity are our priorities, we are open to everyone joining us!

At STEF, people are at the heart of our concerns. In real terms? We help each other, we listen to each other, we trust each other. We also look out for each other’s health and safety. And thanks to
specially adapted equipment, our well-being is preserved. Let every day be a great day for you too!

At STEF, with technical, sales or managerial training courses, almost anything is possible. And that goes for your entire time with us. All the ingredients for an ambitious future!

For STEF, it’s essential that everyone has the same opportunities for success and finds their place within the Group. We are committed to gender equality between men and women in the workplace, the integration of young people into the workforce and the integration of people with disabilities.
Here at Stef, everyone can thrive!

We welcome our future talent with open arms, for internships, work-study contracts, and long or short-term contracts. The only watchword is enthusiasm.
And for young people with a Master’s degree or equivalent, our 2-year graduate programme enables them to accelerate their career. The programme includes experience in the field and theoretical and practical training courses. This enables you to move quickly towards a position of responsibility, particularly as a manager.

At STEF, we care about our impact on the environment. That’s why we’ve launched our Moving Green approach. Our commitments? Reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, controlling our water and energy consumption, recycling and recovering our waste, testing alternative vehicle technologies, and much more. Because yes, sustainable mobility and more responsible refrigeration are possible.

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